Pitch and Speak in Public With Super Confidence

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The reason why I am sharing this training on Speaking and Pitching with you today is because I want as many people as possible to understand and like and believe you.  I want you Separated from other choices, identified as the right choice and  I want your audience to internally believe that the opportunity cost of going with you is the right move to make.

I also want your audience to recognise the value of what you can offer and to reciprocate your gesture by taking affirmative action towards your goal which could be a sale/sign up or a further meeting.

In simple words, I want to help you design, develop and execute presentations to persuade your audience in a non-sales manner to do what you want them to.

Sam Onigbanjo


In this Course you will learn:

How to Clear your mind of “NOISE” that releases confusing thoughts and energies and ultimately causes you to say the wrong things, with the wrong energy and the wrong body Movements.

You will learn to crystalise your thoughts, and energy and focus them in one direction

You will learn how to use emotional intelligence as a tool to address your self-awareness and your social awareness

You will learn how to project energy and Influence your audience.

You will learn and grasp the power of “Storytelling” and interweave with your message and send it to your audience.


You will see examples of how I applied exactly the same system I am about the share with you in my course below with City Bankers who had been through many speaking courses with no change and suddenly witness the light bulb go on and a MASSIVE Paradigm shift occur resulting in meaningful  Success for them.

At the end of this session, you will be happier and more appreciative of yourself and you would have adapted 3 new methodologies and tools including the S.T.R.O.N.G Tool and the Situational Tool.


If you are serious and want to invest in yourself and ability to effectively communicate and Influence then this is the best course for you!