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I found this out ( After Coaching Over 1,000 Business Owners)


  I found that people are usually  struggling in their business, you want to build or grow your business, working in a way that totally fills you up, helping clients that you love spending time with,But you need to be doing that… within an incredibly supportive group of like-minded people who instantly ‘get’ you… your cheerleaders who want you to succeed and who are ready to celebrate every little win, but who will also be there to offer support when you do hit challenges … People you can run things by and ask questions you have…  So If this sounds like you, Come along and join our Business Tribe  Your  Business Tribe This is your opportunity to send in your business challenges in any area or if you are an expert an Opportunity for you to be heard and share your services and do what business is about to make money. Here are some of the topics that scored highest in a recent poll survey amongst Entrepreneurs. Topics I think you would be super interested in being mentored in!

  • An Opportunity to bounce ideas of a mentor who has been there and done it in business.
  • A Network of fellow hungry Entrepreneurs, who will push and motivate you to the top.
  • An opportunity to learn how to generate targetted leads for business
  • How to grow your business through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) and not just the likes, follows and comments.
  • Hear , Learn and  understand how to trade Forex and the capital markets
  • How to make money in Property as a main or side hustle.
  • How to pitch or present a business proposal to anyone with super confidence.
  • How to overcome Fears.Anxieties.Apprenhensions. Terrors and  Self doubts (F.A.A.T.S)
  • How to grow an engaged list of followers all GDPR Compliant