Profitable Business Ideas

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This is the Profitable Business Ideas- Master series outline, 

This is probably the best condensed Business Ideas Course in the market today, it crosses over from Traditional business thinking to Digital Concepts. and addresses questions , fears and concerns in simple lay man terms.  So if you want to hear the thinking of Entrepreneurs that  start from the scratch to  six and seven figure turnovers then this is the course for you

 Leadership awakening

The Five critical behaviours required to identify a profitable business

The top reasons why businesses fail

Self Awareness-Quadrant 1 in the EI Model

The 10X Rule

Case studies

 Technology the backbone of Business today

Using automation to scale and 10x

FB Business

Instagram Business



 Your strategic framework

Your Business Building Blocks

EI  and your Business

Product comparison tool

Thoughts and team work


Your Maths

How to master your cashflow for non-financial users

How to calculate your break even

 Team work

Identifying and building your team

Team operations

Digital and traditional sales and marketing

Understanding your marketplace

Understanding your buyers psychology

Content development


Using your chosen methodology

 Tools and Bonuses

Time management tool, how to stay on top

Priority and importance tool, how to prioritise

Accountability tool

PBI Diagnostic tool