Sam is a forex trader, coach and mainstream contributor in the financial sector of some of the worlds most renown publications, with his articles and commentary on trading the financial markets across the Business Insider, Virgin Entrepreneur, The Telegraph  Evening standard and more.

In the last 2 years he has traded some exceptionally successful trade positions in Oil, Currencies, Cryptos , and Indices, replicating stunning results with his Professional students from around the world.

In 2023, I am even more determined to engage 5,000 new professional students and show them how they can learn and earn from trading as a new stream of income.

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Start your 2023 right: Use the North Star Tool to locate and access  3 levels of wealth and financial revolution:

Don’t Hate

Don’t Bang your head against the wall

Don’t get another J.O.B ( Just over broke) keep your current one

I want to share one powerful secret right here, right now, this is the doorway to the next level

“Your Heart and Mind is your Wealth Garden, what you plant and what you allow others to plant will determine your  bank account balance

Its YOUR TURN, to tap in to the biggest opportunities directly and decide how you want your 2023 to be for you. Yes YOU Decide!

Take action,   If your heart and mind is filled with someone elses toxic information, or the wounds of office or relationship politics and drama you may find it hard to zero in and laser focus on what’s right in front of you your obvious breakthrough!  This 3 day challenge is designed not just to show you the opportunities but also help you get rid of some of the junk you’ve picked up or was dumped on you along the way.

Let me ask you this! Would you invite anyone to an opportunity you have if they had  toxic smelly garbage in their mouth?  I know the answer to that, but sadly some people are like this and you don’t realise because you are used to the smell you think its normal!

I have News for you! Being frustrated, always budgeting and not having enough is NOT NORMAL and this program is designed to help you get out of that mess and get yourself to your rightful position.

You were born to stand out from the crowd and not be a clone

Do I need to join this challenge?

If your life is perfect, your cash flow is lucrative and you are in a high net worth network, then I can tell you this is not the right program for you. This program is for people who need more out of life.

People that have made mistakes but know they are better and are determined to hang out with the best and see their wealth creation results start rising.

This is also for people who are willing to try and do things differently and by this try out a model a system of thinking and acting that works.

If you want 2023 to be better then its your DUTY, to take action!  Join Sam Onigbanjo and friends as we share what worked for us and our clients and what will work for you in 2023 as long as you show up!  Do not patiently wait instead read and meditate on this:

Say NO to playing small

Say No to One day soon

Say No to it not straightforward

Replace with and

Say  This is my best time

Say 2023 is the year of my wealth breakthrough

Say this is the year I will truly stand out and away from the crowd

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Next Steps:

A Note to Self:

Whatever you do and whoever you speak to, please avoid lying to yourself, you may lie to me, your neighbour and even your dog ( if you have one) but if you lie to yourself you are only depleting your  wealth resource and wasting your own life.

“Keep your heart with all vigilance for from it flow the springs of life.” Heart, therefore, means the command center of the soul; the mind, will, and affections. It is a high risk, vulnerable place

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