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Shareen Qureshi

During the Darkest period of my Career at Barclays Bank, I approached Sam Onigbanjo and  shared my concerns on Public Speaking to Large Crowds.Sam just smiled and got up and started to mirror my speech and advised me about my hand posture and voice speed.

What really got to me was when he said there is more to this.

Sam said on the inside you need to be in control and project it to the outside. His words were “you have to be a god to your audience above and in control” I can share at my actual speech I went up more confident with no paper in my hand.

At the end someone made a £5000 donation in my hand to Alzheimer’s society and a weather presenter of 20 years Sian Lloyd said “Shareen with this type of speaking style you are going places”

Sam Onigbanjo is Top of his game. My name is Shareen Qureshi and I am a Market Development Director at Barclays Bank here in London

Thank you


A big thank you to Sam and his team, ” On my last visit to my bank TSB my Local branch Manager Laura asked if I needed any digital marketing support as she could book me an appointment with a resident Expert from the Enterprise Nation network. Which I accepted. On meeting Sam Onigbanjo CEO of Great business platforms he demonstrated some digital solutions I found interesting .

I asked him more questions and he explained his process so well I immediately felt safe to work with him. The.rest is history as his service matched his words and I am delighted with the digital marketing and website his team have built. Thank you Sam

A little known marketing secret that I will share with you is connecting with the heart and mind of your audience and evidencing that you feel their true fears, concerns, and points of pain just like they do and that you have been patient and insistent enough to help other people just like them and that you are willing to do the same for them . When you share in your message that your business is to serve them first , then you will win new business - Sam Onigbanjo