Marketing can create another lucrative stream of Income, if you already have a list of clients who know, like and trust your brand. Former clients that have bought of you and are satisfied, infact they might have even been repeat clients and product evangelists.
Today, I would like to ask you one question and it has to do with the Image I shared below. My question is would you like to know how to access “Buyers who behave and spend like your best clients” I mean the ones your list don’t even know! If you are like most seriously driven entrepreneurs then your answer is yes! 
But the hesistance if any is “How”  I guess this is why the Facebook family are rewarded with $86billion yearly because they have got that answered. The Image I shared is a peep in to how my team help our clients do exactly that resulting in my average  property client snapping up £1million pounds of property per month. Some more some less. 

But whats important to you is how can you do the same and do it right now!  

So, if you want to know how to or you want a team to identify your best clients ever then copy the image I shared or if you need more insight drop your name and email and I will send you “How” you can do exactly the same. 

Remember You cant just throw money at marketing and hope it sticks, neither can you win in marketing with fuzzy ideas or an entitlement attitude. You need a laser sharp team or strategy to win here.  So , below is a simple example
Segmenting your data like in the image i have shared below should work for any business trying to increase engagement as part of a direct or indirect marketing campaign. You see correctly segmented data is critical to keeping your funnels busy and if your data is not segmented correctly you will likely experience low conversions. 

This happens a lot to business owners who think they know it all, or say segmenting  is basic knowledge but never correctly apply this. I also want you to recognise that  within your marketing strategy you can create look a likes audiences of your best paying avatars/customers on your social media platforms. 

The customers/avatars that pay the most and give the least hassle, this look a like audience can be a goldmine of new business for you this week , if you take action.  When your data segmenting is delivered correctly , you will  have a fresh list of  direct phone numbers, emails, first and surnames. 

PLUS you will also have in writing  their biggest business need! So it’s a NO Brainer on how to start that conversation. Once you have multiple endpoints or bucket destinations you can tailor  specific messages that address the key points of pain of your audience have already identified during your initial engagement  and then your business will achieve  a higher engagement, and a new feeling of hope in your solution and trust in your accurate business insight. 

I know you are smart so I wouldn’t  dare teach you how to think or plan this, however I want to leave you with the thought reflected in the images below. Are you able to create look alike audiences of your best paying clients your ideal avatar? Because creating those groups and  segmenting your data correctly will lead to  increased conversions and higher cashflow

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