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Stay ahead of the curve and discover cutting-edge technology on social media that you need to stand out from the crowd, sell your services & 10X your revenue In this FREE LIVE training, you will learn how to:
  •  Position your services and expertise in front of a laser-focused audience of ready buyers.
  • Stand out of the crowd, get more visibility and attract the right audience with ease even if your brand new.
  • Show up directly in front of your competitor’s audience.
  • Use cutting-edge tools to sell your services and rapidly maximize income before the end of 2022.
Join digital marketing experts Sam Onigbanjo and Buki Ekeowa for an evening of impact, inspiration, and networking to move the needle in your new or existing business to a higher level. Date: Friday 21st October 2022 in Mayfair 6.30pm – 9.30pm Tickets are free BUT you must register here to attend

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